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There are over 500,000 High School basketball players in the U.S. and less than 5% are considered ‘recruitable’ college prospects. Teams and coaches at every level of the game rely on our expertise and information to help narrow the playing field to identify prospects that best fit their programs, ultimately producing more wins and job security.

At HeadsUp! SCOUTING, we know that recruiting is the lifeline of any program. That’s why we believe our service is an enormous asset to those who subscribe.

Platform Performance Stats:

  • 10 Million+Views annually

  • 750,000+ views monthly

  • 150,000+ views weekly

  • 30+ Unsigned Seniors signed scholarships since 2017

  • 50+ non-scholastic & scholastic prospect reports & updates annually to Division 1 and non-Division 1 schools and coaches nationwide



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  • Recruiting Assistance

  • Reporting/Advocacy

  • Prospect Tracking

  • Unofficial visits

  • College and Career Prep

  • Professional Branding and Marketing

  • Mentoring/Life Skills Enrichment

  • Performance Coaching

  • Premium Content Access

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  • Database Inclusion

  • Access to Content


$500 ($1.38/day | $41/mo)

  • Database Inclusion

  • Access to Content

  • Quarterly Tracking and Reporting

  • Non-Scholastic MEDIA coverage



$1,800 ($5/day  |  $150/mo)

  • Monthly Tracking and Reporting

  • Access to Premium Content

  • Scholastic and NonScholastic MEDIA Coverage

  • SI Advocacy to Coaches Network

  • 50% discount on event registration

  • HeadsUP! Prospect Media Kit

  • Player Profile with Info and Tracking

  • Professional Grade Highlight Reel

  • SI Evaluation/SWOT Analysis



$3,600 ($10/day  | $300/mo)

  • Weekly Tracking and Reporting

  • Scholastic and NonScholastic MEDIA Coverage

  • Access to Advisory and Management Services

  • SI Advocacy to Coaches Network

  • Free Event Registration

  • College Tuition Advocacy

  • HeadsUP! Prospect Media Kit

  • Player Profile with Info and Tracking

  • Professional Grade Highlight Reel

  • SI Evaluation/SWOT Analysis



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"There are a lot of scouting services, media, and resources for college coaches - but you (HeadsUP!) relay information to coaches in a non-biased form. You’re very informative and unbelievably consistent in your evaluations. College coaches are limited as to when we can get out. It's impossible for college coaches to see every kid. Your work over a period of time has cultivated respect from college coaches across the country which is important because a lot of times our jobs depend on the information you provide."
- D1 Assistant/Lead Recruiter 

"I am more than pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Jabari Johnson and the Heads Up! organization. Jabari has been an outstanding member of the Dallas/Ft Worth area and the basketball culture, and I have always been impressed by his knowledge, professionalism and admirable personal qualities. As an evaluator, Coach Johnson has demonstrated his passion, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. He is so well-connected with the Metroplex and has great relationships throughout with both players and parents. In addition to Jabari’s impressive portfolio of professional accomplishments, he has one of the best personalities I have ever had the joy of being around. He is a hard worker who does an exceptional job mentoring youth and serving as one of the greatest role models in our community. As a college coach, I oftentimes reach out to Coach Johnson for evaluations and judgements. He is spot-on every time. Jabari has a long track record of success and admirable character and has been an influential role in the DFW. I wholeheartedly recommend Heads Up for your child’s development or as a collegiate basketball resource for the Metroplex."
- Division 1 Assistant 

"HeadsUp! has been an invaluable resource and played a major part in recruiting for my program because it has put on great events like the Unsigned Diamond Combine and the All-Star Showcase. There is hardly a game that I attend in the Metroplex that Jabari isn't there. HeadsUp! has done a tremendous job at getting high school seniors in the Dallas/Ft Worth area exposure to get to the next level. They really care about kids."
- Texas JUCO Assistant