Regional Showcase

July 6-7, 2019    Duncanville Fieldhouse



​The Lone Star State has produced tons of NCAA and NBA Players and for over a decade, Texas has been considered The Mecca of College Basketball Recruiting by coaches and programs at all levels. 

The Texas Hoop Summit brings together many of the state's Top Prospects & college hopefuls under one roof to showcase their talents against top competition in a combine-style setting and showcase games. This elite event is ideal for players flying under the radar to make an impression on scouts, coaches, and media to either increase their stock or put themselves in a better position for a scholarship.
Here, players get: 

  • To Showcase versus Top Competition

  • Professional Evaluation & Feedback

  • Career Exposure & Training Beyond the Game

Committed Teams: 

YGC36 Gold 17U

Urban DFW Elite 17U 

Tx Legion Elite 

Dallas Showtyme Elite

West Texas Force 

Team FOE Black 17U 

Urban DFW Elite 16U 

Urban DFW Elite 15U 

Nike ProSkills EYBL 16U

YGC36 16U

YGC36 16U 

Team FOE 16U 

Team FOE 15U

BMM 16U 

BMM 17U White 

BMM  17U 

1Ten Basketball 17U 

1Ten Basketball 16U 

Players To Watch: 


#9 Jaquan Scott Urban DFW Elite 2020

#13 Jaylin Jackson Posey Tx Legion Elite

#16 Andrew Laczkowski YGC36 Gold

#17 Donte Houston  Dallas Showtyme

#18 Quevian Adger BMM 17U

#24 KJ Pruitt Urban DFW Elite 2020

#25 Julian Larry YGC36 Gold

#38 Bryce Kennedy YGC36 Gold

#43 Jarren Cook  Urban DFW Elite 2020

#47 Quintez Grimes Urban DFW Elite 2020

#49 Joey Madimba Tx Legion Elite

#55 Donald Ghostone Tx Legion Elite

#58 Kylon Owens Urban DFW Elite 2020

#59 Jaedun Slack Tx Legion Elite

#66 Marco Foster Urban DFW Elite 2020

#80 Preston Lawrence BMM 17U

#86 Austin Lewis YGC36 Gold

#89 Latrell Jossell YGC36 Gold

#108 Tyler McGhie Team FOE 17U Black

Nate Domenick YGC36 Gold

Shannon Robinson Urban DFW Elite 2020

Angel Dibwe  Urban DFW Elite 2020

Gethro Muscadin  YGC36 Gold

Chris Blair  West Texas Force

Javier Vizcaíno  West Texas Force



#1 Harrison Ingram YGC36 Gold

#5 Wade Taylor IV Urban DFW Elite 2020

#11 Zhuric Phelps

#14 Duncan Powell BMM 17U

#15 CJ Noland  Nike ProSkills EYBL 16U

#28 Drew Crippen Urban DFW Elite 2021

#33 Chris Morgan Urban DFW Elite 2021

#42 Damon Nicholas Jr YGC36 2021

#44 Shannon Lowery Urban DFW Elite 2021

Rayshard Chambers  West Texas Force

This is a Regional Exposure Event hosted by Jabari Johnson:  

  • Former D1 Standout

  • 7-year Pro Player/Coach

  • NCAA Certified Scout

  • USA Gold Certified 

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