The SportsInfluencer's Showtyme Classic Recap

Showtyme Classic 2019 Recap

17U (Giannis Division)

Tournament Champion: North Texas Crush

Runner-up: North Texas Thunder

16U (Harden Division)

Tournament Champion: Urban DFW Elite 16

Runner-up: Crab5 Elite 16

15U (Durant Division)

Tournament Champion: Dallas Showtyme Rise

Runner-up: Urban DFW Elite

14U (Zion Division)

Tournament Champion: Dallas Showtyme

Runner-up: Crab5 Elite

The SI Showtyme Classic Top Performers

Kyree Rogers (MVP) North Texas Crush


Jaquan Scott Urban DFW Elite

Joey Madimba Tx Legion Elite 17

Julian Larry YGC36 Gold

Shannon Robinson Urban DFW Elite 17

Jarren Cook Urban DFW Elite 17

Khalil Anderson Tx Legion Elite 17

Donald Gholdstone Tx Legion Elite 17

Sadaidriene Hall Dallas Showtyme Elite

Jaedun Slack Tx Legion Elite 17

BJ Francis Dallas Showtyme Elite

Mikey Malone NTX Crush 17

Zach Barsalou DJH5 360 Elite

Jarrod Porter DJH5 360 Elite


Harrison Ingram YGC36 Gold

Wade Taylor IV Urban DFW Elite 17

Chris Morgan Urban DFW Elite 16

Shannon Lowery Urban DFW Elite 16

Drew Crippen Urban DFW Elite 16

Kendall Fair Crab5 Elite 16

Chandler Dickinson Crab5 Elite 16

Lemondrick "LJ" Johnson Dallas Showtyme 16


Ty Cox Mudiay Elite 15

Jay Coffer Mudiay Elite 15

Matthew Allen Urban DFW Elite 15

Rod Yarbrough Urban DFW Elite 15

Braylon Crosby Urban DFW Elite 15

William Hills Dallas Showtyme White 2022

Bobby Dell Dallas Showtyme White 2022


Daniel Tuck Crab5 Elite 14

DarKaun 'Cool' King 'Crab5 Elite 14

T'John Brown Dallas Showtyme

Game Recaps/Highlights

YGC36 Gold vs Dallas Showtyme Elite

Urban DFW Elite 17 vs Tx Legion Elite 17

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