Maxey, Wilson, Hampton, Ramsey Headline A Loaded 2018 Cowtown Tipoff Classic! Preview and Players T

The Cowtown πŸ€Tipoff 2018 is set to tipoff today in Ft. Worth and this year’s loaded field features 27 teams, 18 of which are ranked preseason top 25 in the State.Β 

-6 of the top 10 6A teams in the state

(Denton Guyer, South Garland, Duncanville, Rockwall, Waco Midway North Crowley,Β 

-5 of the top 10 5A teams in the state

(Justin Northwest, Lancaster, Little Elm, Frisco Liberty, Mansfield Timberview)

This year’s event will also feature many of the State's top prospects and players to watch including :

-Β 8 of the State's top 11 2019 prospects

Tyrese Maxey (Kentucky commit) Jalen Wilson (Michigan commit)Β DrewTimme,

DeVion Harmon (Oklahoma) Chris Harris Jr (Texas A&M commit) Jahmius Ramsey (Texas Tech commit) Avery Anderson Jr (Oklahoma St commit) Sam Williamson (Louisville commit)Β 

- 2 of the State's top 5 2020 prospects

RJ Hampton (Little Elm) Β Micah Peavy (Duncanville)Β 

- 2 of the State's top 10 2021 prospects

Wade Taylor IV (Lancaster) Β Β Duncan Powell (Desoto)Β 

-Β 2 of the State's top 5 2022 prospectsΒ 

Tre White (Little Elm) Β Keyonte George (Lewisville)Β 

- 3 USA Gold MedalistsΒ 

Tyrese Maxey (South Garland) Β DeVion Harmon (Denton Guyer) RJ Hampton (Little Elm)Β 

Event Schedule and Players To Watch

Friday @ North Crowley HS

6A #17 Desoto vs Dallas Jesuit Β  7pm

Players to Watch (Desoto)

Duncan Powell 6'7 F Soph (Top 10 Tx 2021)Β 

Jarius Hicklen 6'2 G SR (Top 50 Tx 2019)

Chris Pryor 5'10 G SR

Claven Wilson 6'4 F Sr

Players To Watch (Jesuit)

Max Abmas 6'0 G SR (Top 50 Tx 2019, ORU commit)

Julius Marble 6'8 F Sr (Top 50 Tx 2019)

6A #9 North Crowley vs 4A #10 FW DunbarΒ  Β  8:30pm

Players To Watch (North Crowley)Β 

Isaiah Crawford 6’7 F SR

Isaiah Wyatt 6'2 G SR

Jay Gates 6'8 F SrΒ 

Players to Watch (Dunbar)Β 

Jeremiah Keys 6'0 G SR (Top 50 Tx 2019)

Saturday @ North Crowley HS

6A #8 Waco Midway vs 6A #24 Waxahachie Β  Noon

Players To Watch (Midway)

Michael Jefferson 6'5 G Jr (Top 50 Tx 2020)Β 

Anthony Scott 5'8 G Jr (Top 50 Tx 2020)

Godsgift Edzema 6'6 F JR (Top 50 Tx 2020)Β 

Players To Watch (Waxahachie)

Darius Miles 6'11 C Jr (Top 20 Tx 2020)

JT Warren 6'3 F Sr

Mekai Pope 6'1 G Jr (Top 100 Tx 2020)

CJ Noland 6'3 F Soph (Top 50 Tx 2021)

6A #12 Richardson Pearce vs 5A #7 Mansfield Timberview Β  1:30pm

Players To Watch (Pearce)

Drew Timme 6’10 F SR (Top 5 Tx 2019,Top 30 Nationally)Β 

Sterling Hopkins 6’2 G SR (Top 100 Tx 2019)

Braelon Barrs 6'1 G Sr

Players To Watch (Timberview)

Trazerien WhiteΒ  6’5 F SRΒ  (Top 50 Tx 2019, Air Force commit)

CJ SmithΒ  5’9 G SRΒ  (Top 100 Tx 2019)

Rodrigo SoaresΒ  6’5 F SR (Top 100 Tx 2019) Β 

Marquiss ChildsΒ  6’2 G SRΒ  (Top 100 Tx 2019)

Tristan Starks 6’2 G SR (Top 100 Tx 2019)

5A #4 Little Elm vs 6A #6 Rockwall Β  3pm

Players To Watch (Little Elm)Β 

RJ Hampton 6’4 G (#1 Tx 2020, Top 5 Nationally)

Tre White 6’5 G (Top 5 Tx 2022, Top 25 Nationally)

Players to Watch (Rockwall)Β 

Sam Williamson 6'6 G (Top 10 Tx 2019, Top 30 Nationally, Louisville commit)

Alec Grandstaff 6'1 G (Top 100 Tx 2019)

6A #17 Desoto vs 5A #1 NorthwestΒ  Β  5pm

Players to Watch (Desoto)Β 

Duncan Powell 6'7 F Soph (Top 10 Tx 2021)Β 

Jarius Hicklen 6'2 G SR (Top 50 Tx 2019)

Chris Pryor 5'10 G SR

Claven Wilson 6'4 F SrΒ 

Players To Watch (Northwest)Β 

Avery Anderson 6’2 G SR (Oklahoma St commit; Top 15 Tx 2019)Β 

Sam Freeman 6’8 F SR (Top 25 Tx 2019)Β 

Julien Smith 6’1 G SR (Top 100 Tx 2019)

6A #1 Denton Guyer vs 5A #2 LancasterΒ  Β  Β  6:30pm

Players To Watch (Guyer)Β 

Jalen WilsonΒ  6’8 F SR (Top 5 Tx 2019, Top 25 Nationally, Michigan commit)

DeVion HarmonΒ 6’2 G SR (Top 10 Tx 2019, Top 30 Nationally, USA Gold Medalist,Oklahoma commit)

JaKobe Coles 6’8 F JR (Top 15 Tx 2020)Β 

Tyler McGhieΒ  6’4 G JR (Top 100 Tx 2020)

CJ Luster 6'1 G Soph (Top 100 TX 2021)Β 

Players To Watch (Lancaster)Β 

Mike Miles 6’1 G JR (Top 15 Tx 2020, Top 100 Nationally)Β 

Wade Taylor IV 6’0 G Soph (Top 5 Tx 2021,Top 100 Nationally)Β 

Marco Foster 6’1 G Soph (Top 50 Tx 2020)

Jalen Roberts 6’3 G Sr (Top 100 2019)Β 

Devin Miller 6’5 F Sr (Top 100 2019)Β 

Brandilon Kirk 6’6 F Sr ( Top 150 2019)

6A #2 South Garland vs 6A #5 Duncanville Β  Β  8pm

Players To Watch (South Garland)

Tyrese Maxey 6’3 G Sr (#1 Tx 2019, Top 10 Nationally, USA Gold Medalist, Kentucky commit);Β 

Chris Harris, JrΒ  6’3 G Sr (Top 10 Tx 2019, Texas A&M commit);Β 

Keyon Craddock 6’0 G SR (Top 100 Tx 2019)Β 

Jayden McGrew 6’2 G SRΒ 

Jordan Harris 6’0 G Sr

Cruz Davis 5'9 G Fr (Top 50 Tx 2022)

Players to Watch (Duncanville)Β 

Jahmius Ramsey 6’4 G Sr (Top 10 Tx 2019, Top 30 Nationally, Texas Tech commit)Β 

Micah Peavy 6’7 F Sr (Top 5 Tx 2020, Top 50 Nationally

Damon Nicholas JrΒ  6’4 F Soph (Top 20 Tx 2021)

Derek Luna 6’ G ’20Β  Jr (Top 50 Tx 2020)

Eyan Gooden 6’1 G Jr

Saturday @ Crowley HS

Crowley vs The Colony Β  Β  11am

Players to Watch (Crowley)Β 

Hayden Brittingham 6'6 F JR (Top 25 Tx 2020)

Ronnie Sanders 6'2 G Sr

Trey Sanders 6'3 G SrΒ 

Players to Watch (The Colony)Β 

Gerren Cook 6'2 G SR (Top 100 Tx 2019)Β 

Bryce Okpoh 6'7 F Sr (Top 100 Tx 2019)Β 

Tay MosherΒ 

4A #24 Midlothian Heritage vs Kennedale Β  Β  12:30pm

Players To Watch (Kennedale)

Tre Jones Β 6'5 F SR Β (Top 100 Tx, UTA commit)

FW Trimble Tech vs MacArthur Β  Β  2pm

Players to Watch (MacArthur)Β 

Carius Key 6'3 G SR (Top 100 Tx 2019, TX A&M Commerce commit)

Blake Burris

Players to Watch (Trimble Tech)

Donovan Craddock 6'4 G SrΒ 

Plano East vs 5A #15 Sulphur Springs Β  Β  4pm

Players To Watch (Sulphur Springs)

Xavier Cork 6'8 F Β SR

6A #15 Arl Bowie vs LewisvilleΒ  Β  5:30pm

Players To Watch (Lewisville)

KJ Pruitt 6’4 G ( Top 15 Tx 2020)

Keyonte George 6’4 G ’22Β  (Top 5 Tx 2022,Β Top 25 Nationally)

OC GirtmonΒ  6’1 G ’20 (Top 100 Tx 2020)

5A #6 Frisco Liberty vs Red Oak Β  Β  Β  7pm

Players to Watch (Liberty)

Zion Richardson 6'4 G Sr (Top 25 Tx 2019)

Players to Watch (Red Oak)

Marcus Sasser Jr 6'2 G SR (Top 15 Tx 2019, Houston commit)

Josh Miller 6'6 F Sr (Top 25 Tx 2019)

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