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"Some of my most memorable summer days have been helping out with the Heads Up Foundation, which was started by a wonderful young man by the name of Mr. Jabari Johnson and his loving family. I have participated in the summer basketball camps and leadership program and have had the honor to watch and see so many young people grow and flourish. The children who participate are learning more than just basketball they are learning team work, cooperation, discipline and self worth. I am very proud to call myself part of the Heads Up Foundation Family, because it is just that a family! Many many thanks to Mr. Jabari Johnson and the Johnson Family for your love of the community and the children of the Dallas, Fort Worth Area." Camille Heads Up! volunteer, Teacher

"Before heads up! my son was constantly following the wrong crowds, getting bad grades in school and was cut from his school team twice. Since becoming involved with your camps and programs, he has become an honor roll student, understands how to work as a team and he has since become a standout on the same team the he was once cut from! Thanks so much for all your dedication to not only my son, but all the boys and girls your organization reaches!" - Linda, Heads Up! parent

"The Heads Up! experience was excellent for my son. Athletic and leadership skills were developed while a strong foundation of discipline was established. He left Heads Up understanding more about the game but as a parent I was most proud of the lessons he learned about himself " -Patrick, Heads Up! parent

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